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At Gorilla Football Club, we’re all about fun and competitive sports. Our experienced coaches train our team to reach their highest potential, and to always have a great time whenever we play. We’ve been around since 2019 and are not planning on going anywhere. See how you can become part of our family and join us at cool events.

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2019-2020 Season

Game 1: Gorilla FC 2 : Rutsiro FC 0

Richard "33 minute, "74th minute

Game 2: Gorilla FC 2 : Pepiniere 0

Pekeyake 57" minute, Christian 82" minute

Game 3: Rutsiro 2 : 1 Gorilla FC

Karuta 33" minute

Game 4: Gorilla FC 1: Intare FC 1

Karuta 83" minute


Top Team in Second division

Gorilla Football Club stays at the top in the Rwandan second division football league. Experienced management, skilled technicians and coach are day by day enhancing the team's capabilities. So far, Gorilla Football Club, is the most promising division 2 team to upgrade to division 1. Analysts, journalists and fans claim it is already a threat to most division 1 teams.


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With a mind for strategy, our captain makes every play an exciting one. There is no wonder that he was chosen as the team’s Captain, and we couldn’t be any prouder.

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Playing to Win


Champion athletes aren’t just born - they’re selected, trained, molded and tested. Since 2019, Gorilla Football Club has been a competitive force in Rwanda. We hone raw talent to maturity with quality coaching, primal workouts and a true love of the sport. Teamwork, perseverance, sportsmanship, education - those are the hallmarks of Gorilla Football Club. 

Gorilla Football club, privately sponsored and owned football team, was established in may 2019 after the purchase of SEC Football club,  in the Rwandan 2nd division football league. SEC football club participated in the current league for the last 6 seasons.

The club’s main mission is to enable young football players exploit their skills flair in athleticism, by developing their physical and psychological capacities particularly in football.

Following the SEC Football club’s purchase, Gorilla FC had several professional consultations to identify and intercept the teams gaps in becoming the top team in the country.  During this offseason, the team signed and enrolled new players and technicians who are to enhance and support advance the team into the first division expeditiously.


“Great things are done by a series of small things brought together”

Vincent van Gogh


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